About West End

About the West End Corridor Consortium

“Growth in Inland Empire soars,” headlined the front page of the Business Section of the Los Angeles Times. The article, addressing both history and future, opens with, “It was among the nation’s hardest-hit local economies during the Great Recession, beset by staggering numbers of foreclosures and one of the highest jobless rates in California.”

But the Inland Empire is now the fastest-growing region in Southern California – a trend predicted to continue over the next five years, according to the economic forecast cited by the Los Angeles Times.

It’s the right time and the right place for the West End Corridor Consortium!

The West Corridor consists of Chaffey College, Chaffey Joint Union High School, Chino Valley Unified, Fontana Unified, Upland Unified Districts and Baldy View Regional Occupational Program (ROP)- a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) – all rising and responding to the challenges of the California Adult Education Program and opportunities within the Inland Empire.


The Consortium is located at the gateway to the Inland Empire – the fastest growing region in Southern California – and the eastern end of the air, rail and road transportation corridor connecting the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The Gateway is the transporting and logistics shipping hub of the Western United States for goods transported to and from Asia, connecting the nation’s largest and busiest ports with the markets, manufacturing and heartland of North America through warehousing and logistics by road, rail and air.

The Consortium’s focus is expanding and improving workforce development programs for adults. Key to this development is the strengthening and expanding of the workforce serving the transportation/logistics/distribution industries through programs for adults – with particular focus on career technical education and training.

The consortium partner districts examined what educational preparation and training adult students will need for successful entry into sectors driving the consortium’s economic growth. These sectors include logistics, health, construction (housing sales and new developments), leisure, hospitality and professional services.

These positive factors uniquely position the West End Corridor Consortium to be the major provider of the education and employment training that will be needed to support this region’s economic growth. Encouraging local economic projections also present increased opportunities for leveraging resources and partnering with private and public entities.

We see our collaboration as the community’s Key to the Gateway.