chaffey regional adult education consortium

Goals & Plans

Three-Year Plan Goals, 2019-2022

Improve marketing/outreach; identify and target underserved populations.

Strengthen relationships, articulation, and pathways among consortium members, and create connections with local employers and partners.

Create opportunities to share expertise among consortium members through shared PD and focus groups.  Actively participate in local, regional, and state-wide events for adult education providers.

Increase resources and improve systems that will encourage students to move from one program or level to another, including community college enrollment.

Focus on career planning, program integration, soft skills across the curriculum, and referral systems to government workforce agencies.

Analyze student demographics, progress/completion, and outcome data to better meet the needs of students and the community.

Integrate computer literacy into the curriculum at all levels and equip teachers with the technology and skills to use multiple platforms and resources.

Add staff where gaps exist and consider sharing resources/expertise with other consortium members when feasible.

Align course offerings with the regional labor market and leverage facilities and other resources among members and public agencies.

Strengthen EL Civics/citizenship programs and ensure a culturally-rich curriculum in the ESL program.

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