The Plan

Charged with creating a regional plan to expand and improve programs for adults, the West End Corridor Consortium created a visionary plan that was submitted to the Sacramento AB 86 leadership as a draft on December 31, 2014 and as a final plan on March 1, 2015. The consortium focused on five actionable components: counseling, instruction, professional development, measurement and communications.

In January 2015, Governor Jerry Brown introduced the 2015-16 state budget that identified the provisions that would be enacted as the Adult Education Block Grant, now commonly referred to as the AEBG. With the AEBG, the Governor views adult education as an important component of the state’s efforts to address workforce preparation and income inequalities. This state effort is premised on the idea that as individuals gain educational and workforce skills, the probability increases for a better livelihood.

The 2015-16 state budget enacted in June 2015 provided $500 million for adult education and a budget trailer bill, AB 104, outlined the provisions governing the AEBG. The AEBG provisions constituted a continuation of those contained in the planning provisions of AB 86. As such, the consortium was required to adapt their AB 86 visionary plan into a Three-Year Plan, which was submitted in November 2015. This plan outlined the work that the West End Corridor Consortium planned to accomplish within a 3-year period.